Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alphabet Discovery Letter C:

I've always been fond of clock parts and clock images, so I used a clock theme for my alphabet journal's letter "C" page. I had a clock transparency in my very large pile of unused scrapbooking stuff, so I layered that on top of the background I made using various paints, inks and stamped images. I added an actual clock hand to the piece using a brad, then affixed a few little ephemera items and ribbons. Hope you like it. :)Debbie


ginnycartersmallenburg said...

Love your clock collage. I have been hoarding (hasn't that show made hoarding a bad word) the last clock transparency I own like the one you used.

Debbie Littlejohn said...

Thanks Ginny! I remember the very first time I came to Ohio for classes you passed out the coolest napkins with clock images on them. I've loved clocks EVER since, and that was probably at least 15 years ago.