Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Possible with a Potato

I am a member of the Rubber Stampers Together e-mail list on Yahoo Groups and we have decided to issue a casual "monthly challenge" to the list members. This month's challenge is to carve a stamp, use a stamp that has a carved image, or...umm...there were other options that I have already forgotten!

I am a rubber stamper because I cannot draw, so asking me to draw an image and then use that image to carve a stamp is like asking me to swim the Atlantic Ocean. I did it anyway!

Sure, it was a VERY SIMPLE arrow image and I carved it from a silly old potato using a kitchen paring knife, but I completed the challenge. (And, if you ask nicely, I may swim the width of the swimming pool next summer but I will not attempt an ocean. Heehee.) 

To construct my cards (I made Artist Trading Cards) I cut out my potato-stamped arrow images and added a variety of embellishments and die-cuts.

 Hope you like them. Thanks for stopping by.